A-tech is a privately held and operated wholesale distributor of products for your industry. We are expert in the business of delivering products requiring special handling that other carriers find challenging. We are proud of our tradition of extraordinary service. We have made a business of accomplishing extraordinary results by approaching our work as a partnership with the manufacturer and customer/dealer alike. We succeed at delivering heavy, odd-sized and fragile products in full or less than truckload quantities.

Our Motto

Transport with Trust®

How Can We Help You?

We succeed in helping you succeed. We bring value to customers who sell and install great products and need additional delivery resources or technical support to satisfy the end user.

  • If you don’t have the space, no problem! We can safely store your products in our warehouse.
  • We can deliver your product right to your customer and in a timely fashion. You don’t even have to lift a finger.

For us, it is all about building partnerships and long term relationships with you. Some of the customers we partner with use all of our services; some only use a few. We are willing to work with you to build a relationship that works for both of us using some or all of our Whole Service™ solutions. We may even find new solutions that neither of us thought of before.

We help you succeed with these Whole Service® Solutions:

  • Minimize your finished goods inventory
  • Reduce your freight costs
  • Reduce your packaging costs
  • Warehouse finished goods
  • Guarantee Zero Product Damage
  • Deliver small, partial or full truckload shipments
  • Build strong relationships
  • Trusted support
  • Dedicated Sales Representative
  • Customer Service
  • Partner in your success

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission:
A-tech strives to be the best wholesale distributor in North America supported by the quality products we sell while remaining trustworthy to our employees, customers and manufacturers.

Our Vision
We endeavor to create value and trust by providing the best service in the industries we serve.

Our Values
The spirit of service is what drives us.

Our Focus

Our focus is you, the customer, and getting your product out there, cost-effectively and intact. We work to assure our success by offering superior customer service. This requires that every A-tech employee appreciate the needs of our customers and the importance of satisfying those needs. We, here at A-tech, never forget that you are our customer; you are our purpose and the source of our livelihood. The A-tech of today has grown on this simple service oriented premise and it is the basis for every action and decision we make.

Our History

A-tech Suburban Inc. was founded in 1989 through a combination of purchase and merger. We built upon the strengths of these companies to solidify sales and provide service to a greatly expanded geographic area.

A-tech has grown its business by building strong long-lasting relationships with customers who seek competitive pricing and a reliable storage facility. Our warehouses can promise safe keeping and special handling. Our goal is for our customers to have an excellent experience with A-tech. We are here to help you with whatever it is you may need.


  • 1989 Founded by Ken Heid and Tom Armstrong
  • 1994 A-tech built its headquarters in Palmer, Pennsylvania
  • 1999 Opened a second location in the mid-west
  • 2000 To present – Expand to accommodate additional product lines with manufacturers such as: Royal, EverDoor, Advanced Plastics, and Quality Edge
  • 2012 Scott Schmidt bought into the business when Tom Armstrong retired

Today, A-tech services accounts throughout the United States. We represent numerous quality products and continue to seek growth opportunities by responding to our existing customer/dealer needs and expanding our products line with select quality manufacturers into new industries.

Our Attention to Safety

A-tech is committed to maintaining a safe and compliant fleet. Our drivers are professionals who are required to maintain excellent driving records and drive in a socially responsible manner at all times. A-tech provides a safe and clean work environment and reinforces the safety and health of all employees. We insist on compliance with regulations governing the DOT and OSHA, as well as, injury and accident prevention for employee safety. Employees are encouraged to bring innovative ideas and equipment to our attention for implementation into our safety programs.

Our Future Plans

We look eagerly to the future of A-tech. We plan to open a third location in the western United States. This will provide us the opportunity to deliver to the entire continental US with our fleet of trucks.

We continually seek new opportunities to build long-term relationships with manufacturers who experience frequent and costly damage getting their products to market who could benefit from our Whole Service™ Solutions.

Employee Testimonials

“Having worked at A-Tech for over 10 years, I enjoy representing the high standards of service and the willingness to go above and beyond for our customers. The commitment to doing whatever is necessary to support our customers with quality products, at competitive prices, with efficient, full-service delivery is a unique advantage. I have the pleasure of working every day with outstanding people that share a common goal of exceeding expectations.”

John Boyce
District Sales Manager

“A-tech is a great place to work and a great team to be a part of for a number of reasons that include friendly people and co workers . The work environment is clean, professional, and everyone that I work with displays a good attitude. I have had personal issues in the past that A-tech quickly helped me resolve. I have learned valuable skills working at A-tech also. I hope, believe, and want to remain a part of A-tech for a very long time.”

Mike Jones
A-tech Warehouse Employee

“When I was transitioning from Active Duty Army, I wasn’t looking for a job, I was looking for a career. I wanted to work for a company that had the same ideals and morals as I do; A-Tech is that company. The very best parts of my military service are part of A-Tech’s everyday business model. Teamwork and cooperation, striving to be the best, and common sense management are traits that A-tech shows daily. The best part of being at A-Tech is that we are a small company that cares about its employees and its customers. Nobody gets “lost in the shuffle” like at larger corporations. Everyone is treated as a valuable member of the A-Tech team, employees and customers, because everyone is important to us. I hope to be part of the A-Tech team for a long time to come.”

Shane Kostelny
Logistics Manager

“A-Tech is a great and fair place to work at. We strive to be the best day to day and that makes me want to do better as an employee. They take care of their customers.”

Jim Oliver
MO Warehouse Employee

“A-tech has been a part of my extended family for 3 generations now, and I can honestly say that it has had that ‘family atmosphere’ for as long as I’ve known it. The people in the company are always an extreme pleasure to work with, and bring their high quality character traits into the workplace each and every day. Our service levels have always set us apart from other companies. Be it out in the warehouse, on the road with our drivers and sales force, or in the office with customer service, there’s a peace of mind that our customers feel knowing that we are handling not only their products with care, but their business relationship with honor. It has been a privilege to grow with this company and witness the consistent maximum effort that gets put out by the A-tech team. I have no doubt that any company that chooses to use A-tech as their provider will quickly realize that they have made a wise and lasting decision.”

Charlie Heid
National Sales manager

“Absolutely love working at A-Tech! I take great pride in our company culture. Our employees really do focus on satisfying every customer by caring about them and doing things right. There is no blaming here – we solve problems and depend on each other to make it right. I only wish everyone who works could have this experience in their company!”

Deana Markus
HR Director

“Some companies attempt to be a good workplace; but lack commitment to their employees and the work that is accomplish.
A-tech believes that employees are their key to success. A-tech is committed; they treat their employees fairly and with respect.
A-tech helps employees carry out their job functions, overcome challenges and learn new roles; by assisting and coaching employees to perform to the best of their ability. A-tech employees create a true sense of family and teamwork, with a great work-life balance!
Also the people at A-tech are tremendous and that helps makes A-tech a good company to work for.
Employees are often caught helping each other. It is a pleasure to work with everyone here!”

Judy Reno
A-tech Employee